Practical Philosophy Course

Philosophy to put into practice

Why float on the surface of life? Seek that which is substantial and meaningful. This course shows you how.

Beyond all the noise there is the silence. This course shows you where.

If you have a problem you can’t quite see the solution to, ask yourself the question: “What would a wise person do now?” Philosophy is the love of Wisdom. Discover wisdom in yourself.

Be yourself – not your shadow! Come out of what you are not. This course encourages you to be who you really are rather than being someone who you are not.

Topics include

The nature of wisdom – living wisely
Discovering the knowledge within your self
Being in the now
Discovering true beauty
Living under the light of reason
Finding oneness in diversity
Seeking truth

This practical philosophy course draws its inspiration from many rich sources of both western and eastern philosophy and inspires a fresh outlook and approach to living a harmonious, purposeful, peaceful and happy life in the present.

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If you wish to attend

Enrolment takes place from 30 minutes before the first session, or you can enrol online.

Each session last about 2 hrs, including a short break for light refreshments.

See our dates and locations page for details of where courses are held in the Wessex (south central) area.

The current fee for the course is listed on the fees page.

We have listed some answers to common questions on our FAQ page.